AGP – Sunday Wrap Mobil 1 HSV Racing Team

Sunday at the Australian Grand Prix always has a special feel to it, there is a real buzz around the place, and for the Mobil 1 HSV Racing team, they capitalised for their best results of the weekend.After finally getting a clear run in the qualifying session on Friday, James was out of P8, and Scott P10 for the start of this one.The two boys went side by side into turn 1, with JC holding the advantage for the first lap.They both picked up a spot to sit seventh and ninth after the first tour of the circuit.Both cars were stuck in a six-car freight train in the middle of the race, meaning it was hard going to get out put a clean lap in without anyone in their way.Two cars in front had a delaminating tyre, which mean car #2 and car #22 were bumped up the order.JC held of a few lunges from behind in the closing laps to bring it home in P5, while Scott was lurking just behind in P7.After what was a tough start to the weekend, the way it finished off was extremely positive.Both showed great progress over the four races, and both were able dial a few different setups in over the weekend.Most importantly, both cars are straight, ready for Tasmania in a fortnight.Bring it on.

From the Cockpit

JAMES COURTNEY “Another reasonable qualifying session on Friday meant that we weren’t caught up in the mess.“The car was really racey again, especially early, we were just sandwiched between two Nissans and couldn’t get clear air.“We tried a lot of stuff this weekend, some worked, some didn’t, so we answered a lot of questions before next round.“I’m happy where we ended up this weekend.”